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Are you in control of your mind!

It's amazing... not something that you can conceptualise, it must be experienced!

Are you in control of your mind? Are you ready to find out?

If it's time for change, Helen will open the door and guide you.

Living Free from your Mind
Discover Your Inner World
FREE 7 Day Challenge

Are you in control of your mind?

Self Awareness Session with Helen

Free yourself from the prison of the mind and become the true master of your energy centres within.

Holistic Alignment Training

Become an accredited Holistic Practitioner with extensive training and support. Includes introduction to your Human Design, uncovering your own unique way of living on this planet.

Wonderful Hellsie. Here is what I would love to say..... Thank you. Thank you so much for creating such a safe space. Both physically and in my own mind. Thank you for unlocking things that I didn't even know were within me and breaking me down. Thank you so much for helping me open up my mind and unblock me from the barriers I didn't even know I had placed around myself. Thank you for the most amazing,surreal and life changing experience. I left feeling strong,filled with light and love. I cannot even express how grateful I am. You have shown me how to be stronger and have faith in the universe. My energy feels different and stronger after seeing you. If you are ever feeling lost,overwhelmed,emotionally broken and weak, I truly recommend seeing this amazing woman and experiencing the special and mind changing journey she is able to take you on. Thank you again Hellsie. For enlightening me and teaching me to place myself first. Love you Kaylee
I had been suffering fatigue, nausea and anxiety for one year. I had been to many doctors and naturopaths with little results and all tests clear. Helen was warm, patient and kind all the way from when I started seeing her. I commenced a twelve week course including the Holistic Alignment, seeing Helen twice a week or as often as I felt I needed help. Little by little through the consultations, I could discuss issues in my childhood and young adulthood that I was not aware were bothering me. This was money and time well spent. Helen was there for me all the way when I felt down or anxious. I now feel a different person and positive in life. (Reta is a registered nurse with decades of training, skills and experience under her belt. Throughout her sessions she learned first hand that emotions and unresolved issues were the basis of her physical conditions and, in such a short time, they emerged, played out and were gone)
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