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Who am I?  I'm not sure I will ever really know.

What exactly do I do?

I have tried to define that for decades but could never really put it into words.

So let me explain it this way...

When you come to see me, I can see a few steps ahead of you along your path.  This helps me see where you are in your life and what, more importantly, is in your way.

I don't know how I do it, I just know I help you shift. 

You shift your mind, your reality, your viewpoint, your problem, whatever needs shifting.  Your life changes and ALWAYS for the better.


You have all been conditioned since birth; to be someone and something that you are not.  You are bombarded with it from pre school, primary school, high school, marketing, advertising, films, television; it is such a long list.  Conditioning trains you to be the victim of life, to place your health, intelligence and life into the hands of other people.  At some point you start to realise this and a deep unsettling feeling within you starts to emerge.  That's when you find me or one of the many other people out there helping you unplug from the crappy illusion you have been sold.

I help you find yourself

I help you find the truth of who you really are

The brave and courageous step out of the illusion!

Call me when you're ready.


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